Resonance of Entity - Sat 19 December 2015 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

As the winter solstice approaches, The Psychedelic Way bring to you a feast of talent from our brothers across the sea, Funky Freaks Records. Using sympathetic vibrations to create a natural frequency, a story will unfold before your ears, and you will know the feeling of resonance. The artists will become one entity to spin a story filled with wonder and delight just for you. 

Live Acts: 

Metaphyz - FRANCE
(Funky Freaks / Mushroom Hunters / Biijah Records) 

Meerkut - FRANCE
(Funky Freaks Records) 

Anubian - FRANCE
(Funky Freaks Records) 

Dj Sets: 

(Funky Freaks Records) 

Nilkanth - ITALY
(Dark Alien Records / Noname Music Label) 

(Subsystem Records) 

Novovractic - UK
(WooDog Records) 

Fried Baba - UK
(Manic Dragon Records) 

Nogoa - UK / POLAND
(Medulla Oblongata Records) 


2Deko - POLAND 

Healing Area:

psyfox Crystal
(aromatic face acupressure massage - providing deep trance relaxation experience by working with pure essentials oils and and face meridian energetic points - donations from £5.00 / 15minutes) 

Below are, to whet you appetite, a few pictures by AElisePhotographyUK of the latest light & dark collaboration Psychedelic event by This is Sparta & The Psychedelic Way - I realised with sadness that I will not be unable to attend this event and hope everyone has a blast for me !