Goa Cream UK 25 - 26 - 27 SEPT 2015 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

Kosmicare tent on Friday evening - Picture AElisePhotographyUK

Update 20 Oct 2015

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Update: Wed 14 Oct 2015 

Relive Goa Cream on

The PsyTrance Radio Network show

This Friday evening Oct 16th 2015

From 8 pm till 11pm (UK time) and relive the awesome set Goa Jonas played at Goa Cream  !!

Above, pictures of Goa Jonas at Goa Cream 2015

The Psytrance Network Show is every Friday on Diceradio Greece.

Bringing you the very best out there. Friday nights from 800pm till 1100pm UK time. 10.00pm till 1.00am Greece. Enjoy the show.

For the Faeriepirates’s Blog,  to Tune In & find out more about

The Psytrance Radio Network Show follow this link!  


Have fun! 

Update : Tuesday October 6th : 

PICTURES Album 1 and 2 of my pictures of the event can now be viewed in full here on my personal profile on facebook - A shorter album will also be uploaded shortly to my Facebook Photography Page  

Album 1 HERE and Album 2 : HERE 

I am absolutely amazed by the Panjim Pirates work by the way! all my love and respect to the team! :) 

"Goa Cream Accounts as Posted by Piers Ciappara : 
217 E-tickets sold, after Paypall and ticket taylor commisions = £9075
44.5 tickets sold on the gate = £2005
3 Glamping Pods = £639
Total money received = £11,719
OTG leisure Ltd, Aletche and Ian gave us a generous discount = £4075
MJT Security Ltd, Myron, also gave us a huge help =£1480
Transport for Artists, crew and DJ's =£1045
Crew catering and welfare Thanks to Hindi Mindy Nimisha = £1065
Admin = £250
Total Cost £7915
That leaves a grand total of £3804 raised for Kosmicare UK ♥ 
I would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for the help and support you have given this project ♥ "

Update: Saturday October 3rd: Album 1 of my pictures of the event can now be viewed in full here on my personal profile on facebook: HERE 

Tuesday Sept 29th  : Only just made it back home!! what a beautiful party Goa Cream turned out to be!!! especially in the magical setting and lovingly cared for environment of the site and crew at OUT to GRASS !! My pictures of the event should soon be available to view - I will post a link to the album on here ! In the meantime if you cannot wait to see pictures of varied psychedelic trance events have a browse of my previous photography albums on my page

Here are some of my pictures of the 2015 Goa Cream event at Out To Grass in the gallery below :) 

Really Excited about shooting the upcoming Goa Cream event at Out to Grass, Worcestershire. Amazing line up, amazing cause ... 

Who and what is Goa Cream Supporting ?

ALL proceeds are Going To Kosmicare UK, with the support of TOP DJ's from France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Wales and England - so for all relevant information about who is playing to purchase your tickets http://www.goacream.com/ .. but hurry the license is limited to 500 attendees.. 

Here are some of the booked artists (at least some of those AElisePhotographyUK previously took pictures of ) and a few pictures of the awesome venue : 



Presently Kosmicare UK is a constituted community group run by a group of dedicated volunteers, coordinated by organisers and founders Karin Silenzi de Stagni, Tracy Dunne and Jack Coffin. They have the support of a range of volunteers including youth/community workers, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, drug workers, nurses, Reiki masters, healers, art and dance therapists and practitioners of many other alternative care services. All are chosen for their personal festival experience, professional training, life experience and their friendly approachable manner and dedication, with knowledge of event goers needs.
They also have the on-going support of a diverse group of professionals and we link and learn from other groups who provide similar services around the world. Some of the people involved with Kosmicare UK project are well known in the field. To name just a few:
Dr Ben Sessa, MBBS (MD) BSc MRC Psychiatry, researcher into psychedelic drugs at Bristol University
Jon Atkinson, MA in Psychiatry, Philosophy and Society; main organiser of the Exploring Consciousness conference
Dr David Luke, consciousness researcher. Speaker and co-organiser of biennial psychedelic conference Breaking Convention
Alice Kent, BSc Neuroscience, Graduate diploma in Psychology, MSc Substance Misuse
Marios Kittenis, PhD Psychologist/Neuroscience researcher
Guy Jones, MChem, Novel psychoactive substance specialist
Tracy Dunne, Community worker BSc ECON Co-organiser of Kosmicare UK
Jack Coffin, Sociologist BSc. Co-organiser of Kosmicare UK
… And many more extraordinary people.

So this is whats going down on the main stage! 
An awesome line up of Internationally Renowned DJ's and Artists

The Energy Field
Friday 25th
6pm -1.30am The BVS Collaboration including, 
Hanuman DJ, Italy, Goa Dance Hanuman Radio,
Sebastien Chapora Connexion, France, 
Boom Nasha, Switzerland, KonzeptFabrikk Records.
1.30am - 4am Pan Pappason, Greece, Womb Records.

Saturday 26th
12 md - 2 pm Kallima, GB,
2pm - 4pm Actarus, France, Maharetta & Moonloop Records
4.pm - 5.30pm Nikki S, AUS / GB,Liquid & Alchemy Records
5.30 - 7pm Pavel Goatika, Russia, Goatika Creative Lab
7pm - 8.30pm DJ Neutron, GB, Maharetta Records
8.30 - 10 pm Circus Bent, Live, GB Looney Moon Records
10pm - 1am Space Tribe, Live, GB, Space Tribe Music
1am - 4am Goa Jonas, Germany, Harmonia Records
4am - 6am Laughing Buddha, GB, Nano Records

12 md- 2pm Leila DJ, GB, Anjuna , Manali & Boom Shanka
2pm - 4pm Clean Trip, Spain, Digital Psionics Records
4pm - 6pm Multise3d, GB, They have donated their Rig for this
6pm - 8pm DJ Alphatrance, France, Spirited Records
8pm - 10pm DJ Gradual, GB,
10pm-12pm ChoZen Jo, GB ,Milega & Mighty Quinn Records
12pm -2 am Surprise guest ?

All times are approximate and order can change without notice.

For more information and .. to purchase your tickets http://www.goacream.com/ 

.. but hurry the (now confirmed and granted)  license is limited to 500 attendees.. 

watch this space for my upcoming pictures of the event ;) 

Source: http://www.goacream.com/