Psychedelic Circle Returns .. in the form of Reluctant Donut (Sept 5th 2015) / by Anne-Elise Hansen

What wasn't my surprise to hear of the return of the epic Psychedelic Circle parties to the London Underground Psychedelic Trance scene!  .. maybe for a couple of past examples have a look here! (March 2013) or there (June 2008)

These 2 videos should speak for themselves really ...

so on Sept 5th 2015 .. .Reluctant Donuts it was then! .. Here is a set of my pictures of the event :) 

Have fun ! 


More? ... eheheh .. .Why Not ! ..

You are also able to view 2 more albums uploaded publicly on my personal Facebook account which features in excess of 50 000 pictures of mainly underground Psychedelic Trance events!