(BLOG) Alternative Frequency presents Digital Wonderland Sat 15 Oct 2016 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

Talamasca at Digital Wonderland 

Talamasca at Digital Wonderland 

Welcome to the Digital Wonderland by AlternativeFrequency events... This time we have something special for you!We are bringing you legend of the psytrance scene, a person who was a part of the psychedelic trance evolution! With his unique style and charisma he traveled all over the world and put a smile on so many faces!The Legendary Talamasca

>>> Psychedelic Playground <<<

◈ T A L A M A S C A ( Mind Control ) Live

◈ Vert3x ( Psynon records )

◈ Full Lotus ( Mushroom Hunters )

◈ Thallom(Expo Records) 

◈ Liquid Rish(SecretSoma)

◈ Van Nukem(Carry on Regardless) 

◈ Laurence (The Psychedelic Way) 

◈ Melodic Noize (Mind Tweakers Records)

decor by:

-Cognitive Dissidents UV Active Decor


-This is Sparta by Seb

-Sound system by Tumbler Sound System

more to be confirmed

-Psy lounge food and coffee


Please note this is strictly 18+

After the event - Monday 17 Oct 2016:

The very first few pictures of My pictures of the event can now be viewed here: 

Part 1 of my pictures of the event : 

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... And for the Second part .. .more pictures coming eheheh : 

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