Free-Range TeaPot Sat 27 Feb 2016 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

Update 01/03/2016 - 

"Super dooper… 
Thanks you very much for coming and stomping and all the smiles and compassion and love…
And you DJ lot you were absolutely rocking!! Big Respect!
Extremely well done
Smashing night and smashing company… Will stay long time in memory… for generations to come, no less..
and special thanks to our photographer extraordinaire” grin emoticon
Again psytrance underground was alive and exploding with positive energy..

Next one just right round the corner, keep your ears peeled and some…
We shall be back "

Here are the first few picture - More available very sooooon ! 

.. That teapot certainty was free range ... Ooo oo YYYeeesssss 

.. That teapot certainty was free range ... Ooo oo YYYeeesssss 

Free Range Tea Pot 27 Feb 2016.jpg

Psychedelic Circle proudly presents
another night full of joy and unrestricted psychedelia...

Lets get the inderground psytrance scene going again :D


Full on/twilight Room

DEVIANT SPECIES - (Trick Music)!deviant-species/c1q14

MODULE VIRUS - (Bom Shanka Music)

ED TANGENT - (Sunrise)

FORDY - (Blue Hour Sounds/Secret Soma)

KAPTAIN KAIROS - (Aphid Records/Psycircle)

REEZAN - (Psyfari Music)

CHRONICAL MASS - (Psycircle)

NOVOVRATIC - (Woo-Dog Rec)

ZERO PRESSURE (Psychedelic Species)

MAC MARECKI - (PsyCircle)

MATI HARI - (PsyCircle)


Funky Room


5MeO-DNB Live (John Miszt)


ADAM RAYNER - (Gaia Roots)


AnFoRiX - (Unknown Mystery)



Installations by FLYING PIGLETS (Psycircle) and others tbc
Sound by DUB&BASS
Lights by InPhase
Laser extravaganza by SOOZ
top security geezer - guess who?
didgeridoo playing
in short the whole lot of different beats and boobs etc… 


fire joggling, performance, tea, cakes and everything else…

photography by AElisePhotographyUK Anne-Elise Hansen

more info will be updated as soon as we get it.

in the meantime, here are a few random shots of "Why Not..?" The latest proud Shenanigans of Psychedelic Circle