(BLOG) SecretSoma XXV - Sat 30 April 2016 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

 SecretSoma London underground psychedelic trance scene

update 02/05/2016: hey hey here are the first few pictures of the event! 

Words :) . .beautiful true words by Rish! I quote : "what an awesome weekend started Friday with Burning Mountain party where DJ Hamish was the highlight by a million miles proving why he has one of the best reputations in the scene, SecretSoma XXV was always going to be about Life Extension and they didn't disappoint WOW!!!!!!!!! totally smashed the dancefloor, It was so inspiring to play after them an experience i will treasure and learn from.

i really want to thank Karolina Sandra and Sebastyan for helping me make this happen without you it would never ever be as good xxx

It did highlight a major flaw in the psy scene, how on earth are are Life Extension not headlining major festival instead we have well known names because they are safe and most are not really good enough and fail to deliver, the scene needs to open its eyes and its ears to what is around, there is some amazingly talented people in the scene Nikki S and NKore are 2 that spring to mind, i think that the underground scene in London is lucky to have such talented people play for them, the four acts i have mentioned here all have one thing in common they all display a genuine love and passion for the psy scene, its never about them its always about the music"

Some of the best pictures of the party by AElisePhotographyUK

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  Click HERE for the full Facebook album 2 of 2 


Life Extension in London Ying & Yang - 14 Nov 2015 

SecretSoma are thrilled

.. to bring you their first international live act the amazing Life Extension!! hailing from Paris Laurent and Olivier are one of the talented act in the scene.
           To keep the international feel going they also have Dutch duo Lucid Spirit and Jakaan from Lucid Spirit Records.
And to complete their guest line up is the unique talent of Andy Hudson with his awesome psy act Nocturnal Project from Tribal Sphere Records
More details to follow from friends who know you personally ..

SecretSoma .. You k'Now what to do .. ;) 

SecretSoma XXV ... You k'now what to do ;) 

On this occasion I also found out that our friend Zekra will be collecting red coins for a very good cause indeed! .. let me quote her: 

400 kites

I knooow u guys must be sick of me by now haha but here we go again! Its cuz I care about U that I'm giving U a golden Opportunity to make a biiig change hahaha ur welcome grin emoticon
Poundland sells a pack of 2 kites for 1 Pound. I'm looking for 400 kites but its not fun to just go buy them myself when we can alllll be a part of it. SOLIDARITY! The idea is to give them out to the refugee kids in the jungle and decorate the skies with awesome colors!! 
Pleaseeeeeee bring me 2 kites!! It will cost you 1 pound! I really want to do this as a collective...a kind gesture by our community to celebrate childhood and our own inner child!
If you cant buy them by Saturday...expect me to shove a bucket in your face for your red coins. Please bring all your red coins and each penny will add up to buy 2 kites grin emoticon
Please support my journey towards 400 kites above the Jungle!
Mucho amore,
Your dear sis Zekra

AND In the meantime, here are a few relevant previously shot pictures .. while you wait heheh ...  

see you on the dance floor Saturday :) 

follow the link below to the facebook event page .. You k'now ;) xx 

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