(BLOG) Carry On Regardless vs SecretSoma - 18 June 2016 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

 SecretSoma vs Carry On Regardless - London underground psychedelic trance scene

First few shots are here .. hehehe what a delightful night that was  . and day thank youuu

words I quote! "wow what a beautiful party that was lots of sparkle and love everywhere, big thank you from SecretSoma to all at Carry On Regardless for the collaboration on such a special occasion celebrating 20 years of carrying on regardlessly looking forward to the nextt 20!! thank you to the psy gods for a clear night and a sunny sunday

Thanks to DinoNikki and Bahar for joining me for our SecretSoma takeover we hoped you all enjoyed the music we provided for you on Sunday morning, the highlight for me has to be Bahar Canca set it was so perfect for a sunny morning in a forest

SecretSoma is taking a break for the summer as we all go off on our summer adventures, next up for me is Noisily Festival, Psymera boat party on the 23rd July and then a road trip to Portugal for Boom Festival returning to London for the awesome Elixir of Life/Shattered Barriers 24hr outdoor party on the 27th August"

"life is not a dress rehearsal it is real and it is happening now, make the most of every precious moment"

Follow your heart ... 

Follow your heart ... 

Carry On Regardless is getting together with SecretSoma for the celebration of the summer solstice, bringing you some top djs and the vibe you know them so well for! See you on the dancefloor to celebrate the summer solstice while SecretSoma is teaming up with the legendary Carry On Regardless, celebrating 20 years of Psytrance with a night of pure euphoria under the moon and stars! In 1996 at the top of a welsh mountain was the most amazing 72hr non stop trance party, which was called Carry On Regardless, and 5 years ago in the carpark of Brixton Jamm, in a stroke of luck, the SecretSoma organiser (who may I point out, put on 25 parties over the past 3 years!!!) and C.O.R organiser met ..and now in 2016 they are close friends ... trust me this week-end will be very special! 

The more amazing people we have around us the more amazing we become..

We are now way past needing to introduce either Carry On regardless or SecretSoma in this blog :) heheh check out: 



for the two most recent events ! And so many of my previous blog posts for a variety of pictures of their recent events ! I cannot wait to see what they do together !!! What an apotheosis! .. and as a stroke of luck it also happens to be my 40th birthday week! .... TREAT! 

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