(BLOG) Goa Cream 2016 Fri 23 September 2016 6:00 pm - Sun 25 September 2016 10:30 pm / by Anne-Elise Hansen

Hey hey it's that time of the year again !

Goa Cream 2016 - Pictures and Details

above: Goa Cream 2016 flyer -  http://www.goacream.com/

above: Goa Cream 2016 flyer - http://www.goacream.com/

UPDATE : Tues 27/09/2016: .. Here is a set of pictures of the fantastic 2016 event ! - Click on any of the pictures below to view in a full screen gallery

click on the picture to BUY YOUR  2017 TICKETS  here (opens in a new window) - Have you considered Glamping?! hehehe hurry up ! 

click on the picture to BUY YOUR 2017 TICKETS here (opens in a new window) - Have you considered Glamping?! hehehe hurry up ! 

Look at this Line Up! 


The Goa Cream Line up 2016 <3 

DJ Chicago-1200-Mics, TIP records, USA
Goa Jonas, Harmonia Records/ Hill Top Records, Germany
Pan Papason, Womb records / Ibiza, Greece
Mike Maguire, Juno Reactor, UK, 
Maya Perceptors, Yellow Sunshine Explosion records,Italy
Nikki S, Alchemy / Liquid records, Australia/ UK
Lorraine Psilocybe Tribe, UK
Lulù, Mutagen records, Italy/ UK
Fab Alphatrance, Ovnimoon Records, France,
Juanma CleanTrip , Universal Wave Studio, Barcelona/ Spain
Sven Looping, Berlin, Germany
Vitto de Goa, Italy / Brazil
Liquid Ross, Liquid records,UK
Paulo Lopes, Brazil
Spinney Lainey, Uxmal Records, UK
Lain Dreaddean, Tribal Sphere/Ektoplazm, Spain
Spindean, Goa Records, UK & Spain
Actarus, France
Hanuman DJ, Italy
Circus Bent, Looney Moon records, UK
Multise3d, Trick Music, UK
Kallima, illuminaughty, UK
Fordy, Blue Hour Sounds Records, UK
ChoZen Jo, Mighty Quinn / Milega / Temple Twister Records, UK
Adam Gradual, Brain Drill Records, Switzterland
Kev Man Sporophore, UK
Freedohm de Gaia , UK
DJ Iah, Tribal Sphere Records, UK
Neutron, Maharetta Records, UK
Plus many preforming artists and Special Surprise Guests.

...and the greener than green project will be there to ensure spotless dancefloors! 

Should you be curious, you can see full picture sets here of last year's amazing Goa Cream party! More delights coming this year ! cannot wait for the 2016 edition! http://www.aelisephotography.uk/blog/2015/9/16/goa-cream-uk-25-26-27-sept-2015

Get your 2016 tickets here: 


see you on the dancefloor! hahahahah! 

Check out this awesome video of memories of last years Goa Cream ! 


here are a few relevant pictures by AElisePhotographyUK of last year's phenomenal Goa Cream party and some of the performing artists ! 

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Source: http://www.goacream.com/