(BLOG) - Venom - 10 Years Special - Sat 11 March 2017 / by Anne-Elise Hansen

Welcoming all friends to our 10 years anniversary party bringing together some of the highlights from the past decade. It has been a epic journey with immeasurable joy and memorable moments, ups and downs, onwards and upwards, still a long way to go ... We are happy to be here presenting you a night with attention to detail uniting the UK psychedelic family pushing the boundaries for one night to remember!

UPDATE - After the event - 16 march 2017 : 

hey hey here are a few pictures of the event that was just feeling soooo good  .. cannot wait to see what Venom does next! Exciting ! :) 


Saturday, 11th March 2017 - London UK


★ ૐ ★ The Psychedelic Stage ★ ૐ ★

::: Lives :::

★ Ashtoz ( Shanti Planti / Iran)

★ Avalon ( Nano records )

★ Dirty Saffi ( Bomshanka music )

★ E.V.P. ( Wildthings recs )

★ Omsphere ( Free spirit recs )

★ Psymmetrix ( Bomshanka music )

::: Djs :::

★ Full Lotus ( Mushroom hunters )

★ Gacid (Uroboros recs)

★ Nuky (Bomshanka music)

★ Sacha ( Free radical recs ) 

★ Suteck ( Bomshanka music )

★ ૐ ★ The Antidote Chill Out lounge ★ ૐ ★

★ Pete Ardron & Psibindi "Live" 

★ Addsimeon ( Something groovy / Freak bazaar )
★ Feather ( Boogie fest )
★ Groovy beat Professor ( Arkona creation / Discohunters.com )
★ Iain Dub ( Phantasm recs / Something groovy )
★ Photon ( Revolve magazine )
★ Symbiotrix ( Shambala )

Special 3d Mapped visuals, Full Immersive Uv Decor, Inteligent UV Led lighting & lasers by
★ The ExtraDimensional Space Agency
★ https://fractal-metatron.com/
★ DreamScapes
★ Spectral uv lighting


Photography by AElisePhotographyUK http://www.aelise.co.uk/blog

The birthday is ours , the gift yours ;)

Share and invite your friends for one night to remeber! 

Let's rock it !!!! :) :) :) :)

Sooo excited to see what will be created this week-end ! Venom is very close to my heart as these were some of the first parties I attended, and soon after I was just starting to go round with tiny sony camera which was purely for my own recollection of the night! ... I am soooo curious to see what this week-end will be like as Venom production standards have always been some of the highest of the London Underground. I have been there at most of the parties but I unfortunately misplaced a few years of my picture collection as we lost our RAID 5 back up drives in a completely unexpected display driver failure and erased the public drive where all the pictures were kept. Here is a  teaser picture set below which contains some highlights of  my pictures of Venom past 10 years as well as a selection of pictures of some of this 10 year special event artists - Have fun! Looking forward to seeing you on the dancefloor ! 

10 years of Venom parties - as varied as they come, but check out these production levels ! 

Click on any of the pictures below to view in a full screen gallery THEN SCROLL DOWN TO THE SECOND SET OF PICTURES ! 

Below are shots of some (most) of the performing artists booked for this years Venom 10 Years Special : Click on any of the pictures below to view in a full screen gallery

check out my collection of over 800 albums of psytrance pictures available publicly on my Facebook profile to find the missing venom albums should you be curious! They are all available on there !  https://www.facebook.com/anneelise.hansen/photos_albums

Have fun ! see you there and come back here to view a set of picture of the Venom 10 year Special event which will be posted here within a couple of weeks of March 11th 2017 


For ALL up to date information, location, any questions please go to the Venom Event Facebook page HERE


Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/3767491526...