(BLOG) - RavenShaman Gathering 2017 - Fri 28th July 2017 (3 days) / by Anne-Elise Hansen

Click on the image to go to the Facebook event page :) opens in a new tab

Click on the image to go to the Facebook event page :) opens in a new tab


RavenShaman 2017

RavenShaman 2017

what a delightful party ! Thank you to all involved.. and as at RavenShaman it's always about the geese ... there  you go : to view more pictures of the event we are going to get you on a wild goose chase ;) 

They have been published but you got to find them .. hehhe lets not make it TOOOOO easy ehhhe

check out the new content at the bottom of my website's About page :)heheh..Summer of 2017 pics MAY BE interesting ehhehehhe - you never k'now.. wink check out the gallery that reads: "MEANWHILE ... DURING THE BRITISH SUMMER OF 2017" ... u k.now ;) 


RavenShaman 2017 blurb

Ravenshaman Gathering is a gathering of the psyfamily for 3 days with food, family, main and chill out areas, toilets, camping, fire, stalls and healing tipi. Anyone want to play, inbox me. Only psytrance in the main barn and chill out/alternative in the cottage. This year additional camping Mon to Tues for those who want to extend it into a camping holiday and enjoy the beautiful location or the week before with prior arrangement with Austin (inbox me) which may be of interest to those attending Shaun and Becky's Anniversary the weekend before. £15 per person via paypal on jackusdream@yahoo.co.uk to secure a limited capacity ticket. Send it as a "friend" on Paypal and include your actual Facebook names. Children welcome.. Inbox names and their ages. Directions will be sent upon paying but in the region of Cumbria. Be beautiful to a beautiful part of the earth. No balloons in public places please

Playlist so far

Psy Main Barn
Si Seloni
Liam Whalley
CosmoNaughty (Kanyini) 
Andy Mason
Mike Angel
Boomtown Jack
Lorraine Psilocybe
Luke Jones
OConnor Campbell
James Hannigan
Lost Element
Dalai Pharma
Mick Trauma
Debi James
Gone West
Joe Davies
Neil Chatwin
Tekno Hippie

Cottage (alternative, psy progressive, chill, other)

Feather cohen

Ambient Fraggle (https://soundcloud.com/ambient-fraggle)
Anton Cosmonaughty
Brett rinzler
Lorraine Jones
Luke Jones
Smoking mushroom
Neil Chatwin
James Hannigan
Connor O'Campbell
Liam Whalley
Joe Davies
Gone West

Catering by Spice Invaders



Tribal Tramp

Kitty Bodacious Dreads and Face Painting

Provisions and Refreshments by David Mitchell

Healing and Workshops Space

Angie P-W Creative
Dynamic Art workshops ( combines art, movement and story into an active, embodied meditation. These sessions would give festival goers the oppurtunity to play, be creative and de-stress in a relaxed and supportive group. It is suitable for all ages, abilities and skill levels)


Jackus Dream Healing

Massage by The Earthistic holistic

Photography by Anne-Ellise Hansen

Drone Movie by Mike Bickley

Barn soundsystem by Tynepyde

Cottage soundsystem by Northwaliens

Chai by Himalien Om


Native American Dance 10 pm-10.30 Friday night Cottage fire

Zikr Sufi Dance 6-8 pm Saturday night Barn
Mandalas of the Mind meeting Healing Tent Sat 2 pm
Jackus Dream Healing Sat Healing Tent 3 pm

Bring Drums and Musical Instruments for round the fire

Picture set and details of Last year's amazing event and the photography set can be seen on my blog Here: 


Watch this space a picture set of the event will be added here after the event :) 

last years pictures can also been seen here on FACEBOOK alb 1  and FACEBOOK alb 2

Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/3247261145...