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(BLOG) Transition Festival Promo Party London Sat 26 March 2016 by Anne-Elise Hansen

Transition comes to London for one night as a mini festival hosted by VenusProjekt. Expect mind expanding decor, the full range of psytrance from progessive to hitech. There will be stalls and a cafe

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Thursday 31 December 2015 - New Years Eve - PsyKazm presents "Heroes vs Villans" by Anne-Elise Hansen

Family isn’t always by blood. It is the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you as you are. The ones who would do anything to see your smile … 
So let’s smile and celebrate together our way from 2015 to 2016!
Oh! And let’s don’t forget to DANCE!

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Resonance of Entity - Sat 19 December 2015 by Anne-Elise Hansen

As the winter solstice approaches, The Psychedelic Way bring to you a feast of talent from our brothers across the sea, Funky Freaks Records. Using sympathetic vibrations to create a natural frequency, a story will unfold before your ears, and you will know the feeling of resonance. The artists will become one entity to spin a story filled with wonder and delight just for you. 

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SecretSoma XXI - Sat 28 November 2015 by Anne-Elise Hansen

The event went beautifully ! Thank you to thsoe who came and joined SecretSoma for their last event of the year 2015 on Sat Nov 28th ! 

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SecretSoma presents Zombies vs Vampires - Sat 31 Oct 2015 by Anne-Elise Hansen

Words from Rish: "WOW what can I say Zombies vs Vampires was so special it was one of the best parties I have ever been involved with what a beautiful vibe everybody created, when we started SecretSoma we really wanted to create a platform for people to express themselves so to have 2 people perform their first live sets was beyond expectations. I know how hard both Nikki and Olivier worked to be able to play live for us literally hundreds of hours of work, worry and sleepless nights!! Everyone involved really went above and beyond thank you all so much, and there are always unsung heroes in our scene..
Our last party of 2015 will be SecretSoma XXI on the 28th November with a 3hr special from the awesome Renegade DJ from Zero 1 Music we also welcome Andy Forse from Astral Circus and DJ Psykinetic to SecretSoma"

SecretSoma is a Secret Psy Society of like minded individuals from all walks of life with one thing in common, a passion for the Psychedelic Culture, its music, its people, its art and its lifestyle.

Only members will receive invitations to events and these will be limited to about 250 depending on the venue capacity and always strictly underground.

Only current members can forward their trusted friends names to be added to the group. 

We are Psychedelic Riff-Raff xx

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Yin & Yang - Sat 14 Nov 2014 by Anne-Elise Hansen

This Is SPARTA-Made In Transylvania & The Psychedelic Way are coming together to create an event of light & dark / yin & yang ☯
According to Taoist principles, the forces of everything in the universe are in constant motion. As the movement continues, each of the forces of energy gradually changes to the other, yin to yang and yang to yin.
It encompasses harmony and balance within the universe. They exist in everything around us and the basis of life as nothing can exist by itself.

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YOUR DREAMS! YOUR REALITY! ॐ This SATURDAY, 24TH OCTOBER, 2015ॐ by Anne-Elise Hansen

Love Light Fire Tribe have gathered a line-up of legendary Trance producers and performers to collectively offer 'outer world experiences of sound, art visuals, decor and love and light fire people at the legendary Brixton Jamm on the 24th of October.


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