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Photoshoots of all kinds are available for photographic or promotional material. 

We offer a variety of packages tailored to suit your particular needs. Ranging from mini-session to update your family photos through to documenting your event, party or festival or services to update your portfolios as Visual Artist DJ or Musician

Prints of the currently uploaded pictures both to Facebook and this website are  off course available to purchase. Ask for a quote using the form below or send a PM on Facebook.

Maybe you simply need a picture

No job is too small, do not hesitate to contact AElisePhotographyUK for a quote and to check availability.

We are looking forward to working with you


picture: AElisePhotographyUK

picture: AElisePhotographyUK

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If you are a promoter and would like AElisePhotographyUK to doument your event, please include the name, rough location, date and time of your event, party or festival and whether this is an underground, private or a fully licensed event

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Regardless of the timescale or of the allocated budget, any job you require AElisePhotographyUk to undertake, entails we will need to discuss the terms, fill in and return a copy of the Creators’ Copyright Coalition CONFIRMATION OF SALE, COMMISSION OR SUBMISSION contract form available here in .pdf format for you to review and download.